About Jo

Jo French is a Melbourne-based freelance writer, driven to tell the stories of others, providing them with a platform to have their voices heard and their experiences valued.

She writes for the local, award-winning, Independent newspaper, The Warrandyte Diary and has her own monthly column, titled ‘corner of my eye’. 

The column is a place where Jo explores what may appear in our peripheral vision, the things that may go unnoticed in our busy, everyday lives.

The column stems from a quote, penned by the writer and  philosopher, Helene Cixous,

“We spend out lives not seeing what we saw” (Cixous, 1993, p.9).

Jo is also a reporter for The Diary and enjoys discovering the stories within the community that will encourage and inspire others.

Her career spanning over 30 years includes: hospitality, event and business management. After a seven-year stint in local government team management, Jo has turned to studying Professional and Creative Writing at Deakin University while she builds her skills as a writer, journalist and editor.